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Green: A very popular color for both indoor and outdoor use. People loved to color a garage green garage in every time of day and to color that color garage on their car in every weather condition.

White: White was actually really popular on a lot of vehicles back then as well; and as the technology for printing on paper became easier and more popular over the years, white also became a popular shade for cars as well. This color is still used by most cars today and even some cars are now being printed exclusively with white paint. A common feature on the outside of today’s most popular cars is the white stripes, which is an important feature on cars for decades to come. So, a look at the most popular colors of cars from the 1920s to the 1950s would have been pretty interesting.

Cyan: This was the color used for cars back then, which was very popular even though no factory color was listed. A car which was painted white with many different colors of orange on the outside of it would be referred to as a car with a factory cyan exterior. This is why a white car would look like a white vehicle to people back then with a white exterior. The word “cyan” itself dates all the way back to the early modern era, when it was considered a rare color, so when cars are seen with cars with a factory cyan exterior, it might be a case of mistaken identity between the two colors.

Red: Again, this color was popular and one of the colors used in many of the cars sold during the 1920s to the 1950s. The word “red” actually means “red”, but it seems that the word “red” took on a totally different meaning in the 1920s and for that reason is used with a lot of different things.

Orange: Again, this was the color used for cars back then, mostly by large car manufacturers like General Motors. The word “orange” actually means “orange” in Latin, but it was used to also refer to other colors in automotive advertising, like yellow and white/blue. But what does “orange” mean nowadays? This color was also popular when the first cars were produced over the two-cent nickel-silver dollar coins of the United States during the early 1900s. And the first production of those coins have recently arrived at the Smithsonian, so you might even see them!
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Blue: Now we get to the real interesting and unique color of the 1950s-1960s. We actually

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