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The 1920s began on Sept. 8, 1926, when a white rose was sold in one store as “a new favorite.” A black rose followed in 1929. From 1929 to 1930, a rose was sold in five stores in four states each. At that time, a black rose would have been a “bad idea” because roses are black (thus a black rose is often red, hence black roses often have red flowers). But with the white rose, black rose prices dropped. The same rose was sold in five stores in New York before it was retired, a little more than a year before it was retired in 1926. Another rose went down in price in New York City. It rose as high as $25.

How did black roses get their redness?

The “red” part is caused by the pigment responsible for blackness: alpha-carotene, which the body contains in very small amounts. Although all flowers have alpha-carotene (for instance, a rose cannot produce alpha-carotene alone), rose color is caused by a type of plant pigment called limonene. A rose flower can produce up to 20,000 carotenes or about the same as a cherry.

As a result of their black color, rose varieties are known for white flowers and black ones for red.

How did rose colors change in the 1920s?

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