What color were flapper dresses?

You may have had a hunch. Many historians have found that they were not white, but had a blue or purple hue. The color of the dress was probably not a major factor when deciding what to wear on a date night.

How many colors were there? And how did they come about?

The color of a flapper dress did not come about by accident. It was a very complex process involving color makers, artists, and designers. In addition to fabric manufacturers, there were more sophisticated manufacturers of the various hues that were used. The most important of these were called color makers because they were responsible for the production of all the colors for the dress.

How did dresses come to be named after different colors?

Color names were usually based on the natural tones that a person’s hair can develop. Colors for which the hair had developed a different tone would not have been named. The first color to be named was a “honey,” or darkening of hair color that is usually associated with women’s hairstyles. In contrast, the second color, yellow, was considered “pale yellow”: It was a result of hair that had developed a pale yellow of color. This was a color called the “candy yellow” by the men’s magazines at the turn of the century.

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What? You missed a game?? How could it be missing?

In the event of a tie, the result of the two best-of-three series (each team taking turns between teams in the top-four) will come first.