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In an interview with BBC Radio 1, The Beatles confirmed that some of the dress were pink. But while it’s a common rumor – which is why it seems that a lot of people have never heard, let alone see, this photo – the original source of the story is actually from the late ’60s, when it was first written about.

According to the story, the group shot a pink dress for its photo sessions in London, which featured several members of the band with flappers as the models. A friend of the band claimed this to the BBC, who then wrote an article based on the story in the New Yorker magazine, before the original photo from 1964 had even been taken.

Even the image now in the photo, which was part of a wider image of the same photos with different lighting and subjects, seems to have been altered after its first appearance. There are some differences in the photo, though: A “flipper” dress has been added to the front of her bust (and in front of her skirt), along with other changes so as to give it a more formal look. The hair is darker, and the skirt is a bit lighter. The dress itself is still pink, but only in that one spot.

The photographer for the photo?

While people may have heard that the Beatles were the masterminds behind this picture or were the photographers themselves, in a sense they’re not: While they certainly were the creators of the image, many of the details in this shot, including the pink dress, come from a photographer whose name no longer remains associated with the iconic photo.

The photographer who produced this picture, named Tom Bowerman, did not work for the group until 1964, long after its formation. However, he did work for another group called the Bowerman’s Angels: They were the lead band in the band’s second album. They made their first picture together in 1959, as the photo above was taken for a magazine called The Rolling Stones’ Music Issue, which was a continuation of the Stones’ Music issues from the previous year. The artist behind the Beatles photo is also listed to be Bowerman in his official biography, published by the Stones Records Company, as well as the photographer’s biography.

A year after the original photo was made, Bowerman’s Angels was sold to Columbia Records as part of a reissued series called The Beatles Album Series. (The original album cover is in the top right corner.) But the Bower

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