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A flapper was a young girl or a girl in her teens who appeared in front of boys in their early teens or young twenties but who had no particular interest in being married. Flappers were “cute, attractive, well-groomed, and of high social class.” Flapper girls had “a delicate sense of beauty…[but] were not known as sex symbols.” However, “women in flapper garb would be seen as attractive and desirable…Women who wore flapper garb were considered as being very desirable.”

What are some basic flapper characteristics?

An attractive flapper lady, as well as being popular and well-rewarded, had “high social status.” She was “sexy, charming, and a good listener. Her beauty was often described as being perfect, and her charm enhanced her position as ‘Queen of the Flappers.'” The flapper had “the ‘allure’ of the flapper but was considered more mature and more independent” than her predecessors. Flappers were “intelligent and well-spoken” and were usually “educated professionals and well-to-do” whose homes were well-kept, “even luxurious.”

An average flapper lady, however, wasn’t good at attracting attention, and “her style often attracted boys and men.” Therefore, flappers were considered “vulgar and immoral” and the term “flapper” was used as a slur.

The Canadian Press

TORONTO — Toronto officials say they are trying to reassure the region’s Muslim residents that things will not be affected if they vote for a Muslim candidate in this coming local election.

Mayor Rob Ford is running for re-election after a video emerged of him smoking crack cocaine.

On Monday, his office released a statement saying: “My family and I pray for the safety of all residents. My office has no further comment.”

On Thursday, a local Muslim leader, Uday Abbas, said there will not be an issue if the Toronto area is heading toward a second provincial election.

Abbas was speaking to a group of about 50 Muslims at a downtown Toronto mosque Thursday.

“Everything is going to be fine,” he said.

On Monday, Ford was asked by CP24 if his crack crack video, which has been described by the Toronto Star as “sickening” and “haunting,” will affect his chances.

“Whatever is going on, people are going to

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