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A flapper is, in fact, a “wet look”. It comes from a style of short skirts that are very long and very narrow. Flappers have the ability to stand on their toes, allowing them to feel the air without losing their shape. The flapper looks pretty great in summer as it’s usually fairly soft and not too hot out. Flapping from the waist is also a pretty impressive move.

What other clothes or accessories do you collect?

Fashion accessories are an important part of my wardrobe. I collect a variety of clothes which can give more options to my wardrobe in regards to style and fashion. We do have a few designer items, but these are the majority of my purchases. I love getting the unique items!

What clothes and accessories do you love or hate when it comes to collecting?

I usually collect the clothes that I love and the accessories that I hate. The reason why I collect the clothes that I love. That’s because the clothes that I collect will allow me to dress up in something better that I wouldn’t otherwise wear. These clothes usually aren’t too expensive although items can be worth quite a lot!

What tips can you offer for someone who is starting a collection?

There’s no right or wrong way to start your collection, you can start wearing your dresses and accessories and eventually the items in the collection will make the most sense to you. I’ve found that that the more outfits that I buy at one time, the easier it is to figure out what item can make you look your best (which makes your clothes feel more important!). You will also be able to find many unique pieces in the stores so you will need less of a budget to start.

Do these dresses help you stand out in your city? Why or why not?

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The dresses in the clotheshop are usually high quality as my wardrobe is mostly clothes that I like to keep for myself and some of them are really beautiful and some of them have a different story. The dresses that I have in our style shop actually help to create a little bit of a buzz and make me want to go out and shopping again later on. These dresses are also one of the most affordable way to buy dresses for the summer season.

What are you currently looking for or how many people would you recommend this to get dressed?

I’m trying to expand our collection! I want to be able to offer the dresses in a different color and have them in different

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