How were flappers different from previous generations? – Plus Size Blue Flapper Dress

There are lots of different types of flappers, so I can’t just pick one and say, “Oh, this is the type you should care about if you’re going to be a flapper.” But I can speak from my experience as someone who has flapped for six or seven years and now I’m looking to go to a job with flapping, and I’ve been very impressed with the flappers I have been working with. I’m definitely attracted to the women flappers are, because I feel like they take a lot of pride with looking fabulous and presenting their body with an air of modesty. And they do have that look that is very traditional. But when I work with them, what I noticed is that they’re very smart. Because when I first got to class as a freshman, that was my first introduction to being in a very elite class—I was probably more of a student than an intern. I just had no clue what the hell I was doing. I didn’t have any sense of what the culture was, and there were women there like, “We need to give this job to a real girl.” A few women would really stick with it. I remember one who was a student-athlete, who was a big cheerleader at the time; she was there as a kind of mentor. So there were a few women who stuck with it.

I noticed that they have an interest in other girls, too. There’s a few that are interested in other girls, even guys. For example, that’s what I was interested in working with here on campus: there’s someone that is interested in me. I think I am very interested in that. But there’s a lot of people I’m interested in, too. I’m very open to trying to meet some of these other girls.

So you’re not a woman flasher?

Oh yes.

You got into flapping?

I got into flapping around the same time I went out on an adventure with my girlfriends and had a good time. It’s very much a social gathering activity, and I can tell people that, “I just went to that place last night.” So flappers are people who go out there, have a good time, do it for themselves and their friends, without being sexual.

It’s a lot of fun. And you’re a girl?

I’m a girl flapper. Not a boy flapper. It’s kind of an interesting dich

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