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What is the maximum amount of money you are likely to be spending on all the toilet flappers you buy? This article explores the question.

A typical toilet flapper is a cheap solution at a much more complex price tag. However, a toilet flapper can be used in many different households – for example a family of four that uses a toilet flapper once a week and saves on running, could do the same for a family of two using it four times a week.

Here the average budget for flappers and the cost of each toilet flapper is broken down. This includes the per use cost, running costs and general monthly cost.

The average costs listed are for a pair of toilet flappers (standard and slim) – this includes the price of a pair of toilet flappers as well as the cost of a kit like the toilet paper roll, wipe cloth and toilet brush. The average costs range from between £1.70 and £1.90 each, unless otherwise marked.

What is the cost of a toilet flapper and how much does each person in your household spend on their flappers? Read on to find out.

Estimating the Cost of a Flapper

We have broken down the estimated costs of a pair of toilet flappers (standard and slim) into four parts, each of which consists of the basic toilet flapper, the kit and the running costs. The table below outlines the main components with a dollar number next to each.

Flapper Kit Running £0 £0 0.07 £0 Other components Cost per usage £0 £0 0.40 £0 Average per use £0 £0 0.60 £0 Cost per month per flapper £0 £0 0.28 £0

The main items that have been included include the toilet flapper, the kit, the roll and the toilet brush.

The flapper set, which is only sold in a set with one set of toilet flapper, generally runs around £150-200. If you purchase it separately it runs around £25 or so, making this a lot cheaper per usage.

The same toilet flapper can be purchased as a set but if you buy it as a set from a retailer you will save money.

If you’re unsure about the toilet flapper you would like to buy, click here to find out.

The kit can be used by someone in the household, while running the kit requires a minimum amount of preparation.

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