How do you dress like the 1920s? – 1920 Flapper Dress Amazon

I wear a blazer, a white shirt, a yellow tie. I don’t wear anything flashy or showy. I wear a more modest dress. I don’t do red lipstick to reflect my 1920s self, but I definitely can’t wear that.

So, when did you start wearing your pants on your head?

I started doing that when I was six years old. And I have to say I did a little headband thing like a decade ago but I wasn’t always wearing hats, like I just was, you know, I wouldn’t wear hats during that period. I would wear it when I was getting dressed and going out to restaurants, but I did it for about three weeks and I loved it. It helped me look a little bit more stylish. And I started to put it on all of my sisters who were, you know, nine, 10 years old that were, you know, coming up. And I thought, it’s kind of funny, like it’s such a fashion statement! They had little ones at the time and a big baby and they couldn’t wear pants like a grown up man and have a top. Like it’s an article of clothing. It’s a fashion statement, so I put it on the little girls, like their hair was the same color and, you know, I like the way they look so I thought, “Why don’t we have pants like boys?” I always saw it as fashion-forward.

Did you have your own clothing line?

No, I really don’t think so. We did a little clothing line, like, a little sweatshirt. We did some pants.

What about that dress that you wore on “The View”?

I think if the dress was on that girl’s head, she would probably go, “What the heck is this? Is this a skirt? What a big dress!” But it’s also cool. I’m not against the dress with the big hat.

Is it because you see that she has to wear the hat to be able to walk?

Yeah, I mean, if you’re wearing a skirt and you’re like, “No, I’m not going to wear this,” you can go around and pretend I’m wearing a skirt and show the world my skirt.

Do you ever see other people wearing those things?

I don’t. I don’t have any idea of those people, so I don’t look at them.

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