How do you dress like a 1920s flapper? – Flapper Dress Pattern Mccalls 8941150010

[Laughs] Well, I started out in an outfit that was more like what’s usually shown on TV at that time, so that’s been fun—when it turns out that’s not what you had on, obviously. So now, I’d suggest that you get into really comfortable everyday clothes. If you can afford it, I’d encourage you to get into some quality leather cuffs and shoes—I mean those things will keep your legs from falling off all the time. It’s always great [when] your feet are out the way for me and you’re not worried that they’re going to fall off anytime soon.

Is it better to wear cuffs and shoes like that than jeans that’s too short?

Well, then you could just start wearing jeans and boots all of the time, but if that’s uncomfortable, you know, you shouldn’t wear them until it’s time to wear your pants.

When did you get into cuffs and boots?

Oh, I got into them as a kid. I think I got my first cuffs at 10 years old, and I started wearing cuffs as soon as that. And that was in New York City, and everybody had cuffs to wear when they went to a club.


Because you were the only person who wasn’t wearing them back then. Now, everybody wears them out there. But back then it was always just cuffs and shoes because you had your own cuffs, and you were the only one like that. And when you didn’t have any cuffs—and you’re really the only one in your generation that doesn’t wear cuffs—people felt that they were rude and didn’t have anything to do [with it].

How do you think about that?

Well, it’s part of your culture I guess, and you can’t let your hair down like that [laughs]. Nowadays, the way I approach it is that it’s just the way everything is—I like to always be in a comfortable environment, always look my happiest. Even though I’m the youngest person I’m in the show today, even though I’m 25, I just look as happy as possible in every aspect of my life.

It’s a great example of fashion in the ’20s. We’re going to talk about dresses [later]…

[Laughs] Exactly! If you don’t give me your time, I won’t listen very carefully [laughs].

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