How do you do flapper girls hair?

I use a little dry shampoo and I do it all with a little hair gel. This is not a trick, I don’t just use some water and then put in an airbrush. You’re using a hair gel that’s called Bumble and Bumble, or like all the little watery things that you put in your shampoo and you just blow with or hold in your hands like you would with a normal shampoo.

Can I just leave it like this? Because all my girlfriends will think I have crazy hair sometimes. My best friends all think I have crazy hair when I’m out in public. I mean, it’s really funny when I go to Target and they ask me who I bought this dress from, and I show them my hair and I just give them a smirk and then I’ll turn around and my boyfriend’s like, “Don’t worry about me, I’m only going to buy that dress, it’s perfect.” I’m like the only person who has a normal haircut. So I like to make sure people know I’m just a regular girl.

What do you do for fun?

I have a comedy show and I have a comedy show in LA a lot. We’re currently doing the last week of June. There’s a few stand-up shows going on at the moment and they’re crazy popular. You just have to go to the show and laugh your ass off. It’s a great thing to do and to be proud of. I do have a couple more comedy shows lined up and I will probably do a couple more in the next few months and then start doing regular music gigs again. I don’t want to just be making music for my friends’ parties every night. I just like doing shows and being with a room full of friends and enjoying the music and just having a good time and not worrying about who’s in front of me and what we’re going to say or what time it’s going to be. We just want to be able to have fun and enjoy ourselves and have the time we need and not just have to worry about what’s on the mic and what’s going to be said.

“Liz and Ali are just two friends doing a fun hobby. They might not make as much money as an actual singer does but they still get to do it. It’s a lot of fun.”

Tell me about the video for “Mister, You’re So Vain.”
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I wanted to put together a video with someone