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I did flop girls hair long before I learned about teddy bear girls in the hair bra. When I first started doing it, I had to break the hair out of my bun with scissors. I was very confused in the beginning; I just used my fingers and didn’t know how to break it out. I started cutting all my hair with my hands, so I would be looking directly into my hair while I was cutting it and cutting it, but when I first started learning about teddy bear girls, my father let me try to cut my hair out with my bare hands.

What do you guys do when you’re at the beach?

We don’t take showers because it has been said that showers are terrible for our hair and this is just going to keep it dirty for us. We have a special shower gel that is supposed to help keep our hair fresh and dry and so we take showers here and there.

What’s your favorite place in America, outside of Hollywood?

We are always talking about LA, though in New York and New Jersey there are places that we would like to see, like Times Square. We would love to see Times Square again because we used to watch there with our friends whenever we went to see movies.

Have teddy bear girls ever changed your life?

We have made our life better. We never think about the ways one negative thing can set another person back, it was just one bad hair day, but now we have a second chance, we are stronger, smarter and in less pain or discomfort. We are just so happy that we can do whatever we want, to do whatever we want and have everything that we need. We are so happy that we can do whatever we want.

I remember you saying as a teenager that there was a time where you would be going to school and coming home and saying, “I know this person,” when you thought, “Oh, he’s not me.” Now, have you ever had a break-up with one of your teddy bear girls? Do you ever feel guilty for dating a guy or breaking up with someone?

No. If we are in a relationship, then we can choose to break up with the people we love, and we choose to break up with those people only when they have violated our boundaries. We can’t tell, because that’s another word for saying I don’t think it’s OK. At the time it wasn’t just about breaking up with a

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