How do you do flapper girls hair? – Flapper Dress Plus Size Costume

I have to figure out how I know this!! I mean, what does flapper girl have in common with pixie?

I can’t remember! Oh well, now that you mention it I can. My mom is a flapper girl. There is no “pixie girl” in my family history. I guess, I mean… I’m a little obsessed with the hair. The pixie girl hairstyle was my favorite. That little pompadour is really cool. (Oh yeah, we went to New Hampshire! And a good friend of mine was going to be there as well so I went by myself. When she came to visit, she did that pixie girl look she does so well.)

You mean to tell me that you are a real fashionista? Wow! That’s a big compliment!

I was born in New Zealand. I came to New Zealand as a teen when the weather was pretty poor. There was a lot of rain; it rained a lot. I moved to Australia around age 13 and lived for a year in the Sydney area. It was then that my style got popular.

Vintage 1920's Great Gatsby style flapper dress by aretrolife
You must be a really fashion-conscious girl.

What’s with New Zealand? (The weather here is pretty good!)

I was wondering what all the fancy clothes are for if you’re just some random person. Like… I dunno, I bet “cool” is a fashion term in Australia. I don’t know that they have a different meaning in New Zealand.

Actually, I’ve heard you say that that’s the only way to get a fair and honest opinion.

What’s with ’em? There were a bunch of them. I guess, maybe New Zealand, we have these little kids, that look like they’re going to get murdered if they step out with a pair of jeans.

There’s a bunch of weirdo fashion trends here that I don’t understand at all. I’m pretty sure that they’re popular in England and maybe Ireland–you can hardly walk in London without seeing a designer’s hat, tuxedo, or jacket. Even the clothes are more “cool” than in Australia. I guess I can see why. It’s a pretty diverse culture. Just look at our country! And you could easily spend more time in it than in Australia.

I’m just saying, I didn’t have the fashion idea in my head when I first moved to New Zealand. I think, it just kind of happened

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