How do you do a flapper with short hair? – High End Flapper Dresses

My sister was doing something similar, and she got me to try it. I had this short haircut the day of the race, and I’d been doing some short hair experiments, but never with no hair. I was very happy when I tried it — I could barely see under it with my dark lashes.

Did you put it on?

I said yes — the race was fast! My sister was super excited when she came and was like, “Oh my god! My little brother’s taking his first steps!” And I was like, “No, you’re not.” Then she tried it, and it was kind of super cute, but really, like, who does that? It was a little creepy! [Laughs.]

Your sister said that at the races it gets hard to breathe. Is that why you wanted to do something different with your look?

I think that’s why my sister wanted to do something that you can feel confident about doing, and that people could relate to — like, you know, like a normal person might feel like, “Ooh, that looks kind of weird.” That’s the whole point. You can be super confident while still being your normal self.

We all have our quirks!

If people feel like, “Oh, I don’t like that,” I think it’s cool.

Were you nervous about it?

I was nervous, like, “How can I go from this long and really short ponytail [in an updo], to this short ponytail, and still be my normal self. Who can do that?” But it ended up being kind of a normal, kind of self-conscious transition at the end.

How did you do it?

I remember talking to my sister and telling her what I was doing. She was like, “That’s weird! I just think that people can’t be real happy, and not have a girly style,” and I was like, “No, I understand.” I’m so happy where I am now. [Laughs.]

Are we seeing you start on the show yet?

Oh, the race is going to start now! I went to my hair stylist, and we’re definitely hoping to shoot this season.

So is the show going to be more competitive at the start?

Yeah! There’s a lot going on, and you just have to be prepared. You know, your makeup in those races,

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