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Although both genders may not think of themselves as equal, their equality goes beyond the legal equality with men. In everyday situations, women are often considered more competent, and may be expected to handle some of the work that may seem menial to a man. Also, women often are the ones responsible for the housework, cooking, childcare and the cleaning of the house for men, which is often a more significant job than the job of being the wife or girlfriends of men. So while flappers’ gender roles may seem to be about equality, in reality, it is actually about taking part in the gender roles.

Why does flapper femininity seem to appeal to women?

Some studies show that flappers’ femaleness and lack of manliness are actually seen as attractive by women. However, most research on flapper’s gender role is a bit ambiguous as to why. It is not hard to see why: the flapper’s gender role is a bit of a challenge because the flapper, unlike a straight woman, has no formal job.

In other words, the typical woman’s life is filled with juggling work, family and a husband. Whereas the typical male’s life is pretty quiet with him never having to worry about raising a family. The typical woman’s job is usually a caring one like the doctor, teacher, lawyer, teacher or other kind of professional. The job the woman typically takes on that is often done in a woman’s role is the housewife or housekeeper. On the other hand, the typical woman’s life is very busy: she often takes care of an important person to her and her children, or to an employer who wants to hire her.

Also, many flapper’s gender roles involve an effort that is required in order to make ends meet. For example, a flapper might have to cook, clean, or do the laundry with men who do not want to be seen as slacking. It is important for women to understand the differences between being a housewife or a housekeeper and being a house wife or a housekeeper.

In addition, many gender roles can be fairly flexible even within the same gender. Being a housewife does not mean being a stay at home wife. A housewife would have the job of cooking, baking cakes, serving and caring for family.

And for women who want to be more involved in the career that is traditionally the role of a housewife, being a flapper girl, or a mother fem

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