How did the flapper changed women’s roles? – Cheap Flapper Dresses

It’s a big change for many women who have grown up following their dad around to the clubs to see him in charge. As a woman, I have to remember I’m a very small part of their everyday life – I don’t own a car, I don’t drive to work. If I’m driving the car, they have no idea that I drove it from the moment I was nine years old. I didn’t have power. I was there to do whatever they wanted. It wasn’t about equality – it was about having more power. Today some women have a much more successful career – they are able to make more money in their life. In the ’60s and ’70s they were working men’s jobs.

And what about the idea that women have no place in the business. Wasn’t that a huge factor in the success of the ’70s?

In those days there were no women running any of the shops, but there were women doing the men’s jobs, so that was a problem. At times I worried that I was wasting my life if I thought I’d worked hard enough, but then I realized, “It’s all down to my role. I was always the role model – this is how I was told that I had to follow. I had to do that, so I could have a future.”

There was a strong emphasis on success among the women in this film. There’s a girl whose father works in a supermarket and that leads to the question of why?

The supermarkets in the UK have been going out of business since the early ’70s. The old supermarkets just weren’t profitable, they were a very long time ago, so that was one thing we tried to bring home and explain was that the supermarket was just a business, even though they were on our streets every day. The idea of working there, working for yourself and your family, it’s going to never stop. I was lucky enough to go there – they had the most women on the floor.

There are so many women in the film who were happy doing their roles; in fact, many of them had jobs they actually enjoyed. What prompted your decision to put your own family’s happiness over all the success others found themselves having and how did you feel about trying to live that and how have you carried those beliefs down throughout your life?

When I was nine I was very much in school. That was the point where I started to be independent. I knew

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