How did flappers get their name? – Vintage Flapper Dresses 1920S Photos Colorized Black

The answer lies in a word used to describe any one (or several) of the hundreds of flappers on the beach of a particular city.

Here is a simple question: Can you please tell us what the term flapper says about you?

We’ll say that flappers means someone who has a distinctive dress that is quite a little different from what you see the rest of us wearing.

And flamboyant is the key word here. That’s a word we used to ask before we made sense of the word flapper. We wondered if people who flaunted their flaps were either a bit pompous or a bit flappy.

Flapping was a sign that you weren’t afraid to come up with a new look all the time, which was all we needed to say when we saw a real flapper.

Well, maybe it wasn’t so important. But it seems to be very important in our society today.

Flappers (along with the word flamboyant) become shorthand for what some people say they want their lives to be. A flapper who looks stylish and flamboyant, wants a life where she can dress the way she wants to, while having a sense of style that can also be used for fun.

It is a statement of aspiration, freedom and a new sensibility that is often lacking from the women we see on the beach these days.

In recent months, the BBC has been running a series of interviews with women who are pushing the boundaries of fashion by wearing what’s considered to be extreme clothing.

But don’t get us wrong: There is a lot of extreme dressing done by women these days who don’t go for flapping. They are still wearing their sensible clothes but they are often very comfortable about it and it’s part of the fashion they want to wear.
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There is something else we should note, too. The people behind ‘extreme’ clothing have a very special set of expectations when it comes to what you are expected to wear.

But that doesn’t mean that women who dress as flappers or flamboyant should be made to feel like outsiders.

Yes, there are certain outfits that women should not wear. But what is a person’s right not to wear?

In our culture, flappers are not just an expression of the modern-day female ideal. They are also a political statement.

Women who choose to wear them are saying

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