Did flappers wear tights? – Youth Girls Flapper Dress Costumes

What are the odds of seeing a flapper with red lipstick in a film? How come we never hear of a woman named ‘Candy’ as the lead in a feature film? We’ve got a few theories…


The flapper is often stereotyped as a sexually liberated woman who wears tights and a tutu, but that just isn’t the case. To find out, we’re going to start with some facts…

The first mention of a flapper in history is from a piece by the French poet-historian, Jean Rabe, called La Flaboyanté. It’s a novel written in the mid 1600s, originally a series of short tales, and is one of the first stories in French literature. Its heroine was a young and gorgeous woman with a flappers’ wardrobe.

Rabe also includes a reference to a flapper performing a dance called ‘Le Fleur de Fleurs’ which she described as a ‘cleatious and obscene spectacle’. It’s difficult to know the specifics, but if we accept the story’s version of events then Flappers often dressed in colourful and suggestive clothing designed to attract men.


In 1836, a French journalist, Algernon Crolle, mentioned the notion of ‘the flapper in flappers clothing’ in a novel, La Fleur de Fleurs. Crolle claimed that she was a kind of ‘girl-toy of the world’.

This is the origin of the term ‘flapper’, although we’re not sure if it referred to women in dresses with ‘fleshy’ styles or not.


The ‘flap-flaps’ found on women’s clothing were originally made of flax, which was commonly woven into scarves that women wore over their head. These are the same type of scarves worn by Victorian women, as well as more recent fashion designers.

We think that the first mention of flaps-that-were-called-flap-flap-flaps’ in print can be found in A. V. Blavatsky’s 1908 book The Secret Doctrine, and that they were worn with similar scarves as well.

If the flanges were used to hide under the clothes as described by Blavatsky, they could be worn for hours and not show. However…

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