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The best place to find out is on the cover of the July 16, 1965 issue of Life Magazine:

We’re making the new year’s best wine for your enjoyment and to share with your friends. We will be accepting entries until December 15th. See our website, Facebook page and Twitter feed for details.

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If you’re interested in attending at a venue we’re pleased to announce that the Wine Tastings are at The Bistro at the Fairmont in Los Angeles on Saturday, January 4th. Come and enjoy our wine!

This year was made possible by generous support from the Los Angeles County Department of Cultural Affairs & Tourism. The event is sponsored by the U.S. Wine and Spirits Competition Foundation, the California Department of Wine & Spirits and the Los Angeles Chapter of the Winemakers Alliance

To purchase your entry tickets visit https://www.winetastings.org/contest.

Questions, comments and feedback? Contact us.

The first step is a bit more complicated that you may think, but not much more complicated. First off, make sure your device is rooted. The easiest way to do so is to find out which root version of Android you have. From here you can also make an app by tapping on a link you see on reddit.com and downloading it from there.

Then, on your PC, root and run Gedit, which has a few tabs in it. In the left corner, there are two “file” tabs, and one tab labeled “GApps”

Right above that is an array of folders in order of which folders we need to open. There is one folder just labeled “Apps” (remember that we want to open one folder in order to accomplish this step)

The second file tab is labeled “Applications”.

When the Gedit tab is open, it will present that you can open one of the four folders in the Application tab. In my case, I opened my Applications folder by clicking on the folders and selecting “open”

When the window pops up, click on “yes” when asked if you’ve previously opened the application

That will bring up a notification that there is a new folder in your Applications folder, and you can now delete it

Now we are ready to move on and open the Gapps folder. Select “Gapps” on the left side of the window


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