Did flappers wear tights? – 20S Style Flapper Dresses

They didn’t. The only time I ever saw tights was on the cover of a magazine and a picture of me wearing them was printed. “Cirque Du Soleil’s Faux Tights” had a huge circulation at the time. I’ve heard that if they were a little tighter, they were much better!

Is it true that your favorite band played on the cover of the magazine?

Yes. We did the cover picture.

Who were your favorite covers from that era?

It’s difficult to make a definitive list, as so many were just so good-looking!

Which magazine did you think had the best cover?


What’s the weirdest magazine you’ve ever seen?
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I believe it was the Daily News – there were some strange covers. We had to have the Daily News at the club for the photo shoot. It was all very mysterious.

What’s the strangest cover you’ve ever seen?

This picture used to show a kid named Jason who was named after a famous Hollywood movie star (the same Jason played the villain in the film… he had the same accent!). Jason was a popular boy scout leader in my town who was just really goofy.

What is your favorite record cover ever made?

“What’s Going On,” which I made about ten years ago.

What’s your go-to photo for a birthday party?

A picture of myself on a skateboard in a tights and heels pose.

Who’s the funniest person you’ve ever met?

It depends on the person.

What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen or been exposed to?

I’ve seen the inside of a drug store. I went up to a place that I thought was a gas station. It’s called “The Pharmacy of Lies” and I saw all these old ladies holding big rolls of money and I thought, “What the heck?! It’s one of those places where drugs have been sold.” I walked in and there was all this stuff in the ceiling! I felt like I was at a drug house!

The only thing I’ve seen from your era is a picture of you on a bench in a field with a red head. This was shot for MTV in the early ’90s. Can you remember the person you were in the picture with?

I am not sure. Perhaps it was a

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