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In the 1920s, flappers were called “dancing girls.” The word “dancing” may have come from the popular tune “Dance ’til You Puke,” written in 1935 to a tune called “The Dancers.” The song was written to amuse American servicemen during World War II, who were stationed in Europe.

Who created the term “bombshell”? One version of the term originated in the 1880s, while some of the first known uses came around 1908. In 1909, an article in The New York Times said: “The fashion now…is to ‘bomb away.’ In the old days the fashion was to ‘bombshell’ the girl,” according to a study published by the Heritage Foundation.

Who coined “pink” lipstick? The term derives from the French word pink, which was used for lipstick before the 1900s.

Who coined the term, “pink slip”? The term derives from the French word poise or pique, which were words used prior to the 1900s and were first used in the 1860s.

Who was the first female astronaut? During the space race of the Cold War era, women were sent to the space program as part of a “man’s space program.” But, it wasn’t a male-only program. In 1959, Sally Ride, the first female American astronaut, was selected as the first American woman ever to fly in space, and she became the first woman to command a space vehicle.

Who was the first to wear a skirt? It’s not clear who actually invented the term skirt, but some say the term comes from the French phrase “serroule,” which means “one covering.”

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